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I have a lot to write. 

October. Big month for me and my family. Mostly because it is the anniversary of Tommy’s death. It will be 3 years this year. So although it has nothing to do with him, I am starting yet another diet and exercise regime. This one is pretty much another whole30 except I will allow cream in my coffee in the morning, a treat with unrefined sugar when I really need one and an alcoholic drink if I need one of those too! So being October 1 today, I have weighed in and will not weigh in again until the end (I hope to be able to complete it this time… not planning on having any birthdays or stomach bugs)! So today I am 62.4kg. Woo! Also, I want to remind myself that weight doesn’t really mean much without knowing fat and muscle mass etc it’s how I feel that’s important. 

Another thing is I got a tattoo last week. I finally got my daisy chain. I love it. It has a sentimental look to it, not just a cartoony daisy chain which is what I didn’t want. So I love it. It itches a lot at the moment!

I had a realisation today that I need to just enjoy my life at the moment. I feel like I complain a lot and am always waiting for something good to come along (eg. going to Canada). Well fuck that. I’m tired of wasting my precious life by waiting. I need to make the most of who I am and what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. I mean, I’m 26 and not going to get any younger. Before I know it I could be 40 with kids and not have any time to even think about the shit I currently waste my time doing. Like this! So yeah… 

Anti climatic ending. But I’m off to go work out now. 


The Five (in no particular order)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

James Franco

Leonardo Dicaprio

Justin Timberlake

Dave Grohl

Johnny Depp

Chris Hemsworth

Second Quarter Centuary

Fuck. I’m 26. 

Feeling like I have no purpose in my life. Feeling like I’m wasting time. Not sure what to do about it.


I did it :) There was a bit of a slip up involving cake but to be fair it was my birthday! So I weighed myself yesterday and was 61.2. I lost 1.5kg! That’s crazy! Great incentive to continue though. So although I have had a shocking 5 days with donuts, cake, rice, chocolate, fudge… I’m back on it tomorrow. I just feel so much better without all the sugar (the delicious sugar) and planning out meals was fun. I will allow myself a sweet treat once a week though… :D

DAY 21?!!!!

Holy Fuck I’ve managed to make it to 3 whole weeks!!! The last week has been pretty sweet really. It does get easier!

Although in saying that, I have just finished making a raw chocolate cheesecake and I’ll admit I tried a little! I’m now currently eating some dates… But MEH! It’s better than a bag of lollies! Or 2 or 3… 

So one more week then completed :D 


I haven’t eaten ANY sugar for almost two weeks. That means, no chocolate, no cookies, no cake, no baking whatsoever, no lollies, no sugar added in sauces arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck I could go for a fucking cookie right now. My ultimate downfall. 

But I am determined to see this through. Mind power baby ;)

Day 12

I’m craving sweet again. I had a lovely day and all was well, then I get home and noticed I have a short temper that takes a lot to control. I didn’t get angry, I may have used some unpleasant tones but generally was fine. But now I crave sweet. I’m not even hungry. If anything, I’m full! My tummy is even a bit gurgly! Ah well… I ate some prunes and dried figs (loaded with sugar I know!) and that will have to do. Another day awaits me… 

*Have booked in for my colour consult once this is over!

Day 11

Had my haircut. It is perfection. I love short hair. I don’t want to have short hair when I’m old though, so got to get it done now! 

This whole diet thing is actually easier than I initially thought. I am feeling great. Haven’t been overly tired. Not craving sweet. In a happy mood and pretty darn productive too. Overall… awesome! Of course I still have 19 days left, but I really don’t think it will be difficult. If anything… It’s helping the days pass faster! 

Now I just need my damn teeth to move so I can fucking get rid of these braces. 

Day 4?!

Fucking hell. Deciding to bake some paleo carrot muffins was a BAD idea. I was tempted SO MANY TIMES to just lick the spoon. BUT I COULDN’T LICK THE SPOON! Well I got over it and forced Mum to eat one. I really want to know what it tastes like though…

Today I had my period and my lower back was aching, I felt overly complainy at work and generally just hated my day. After work I went to the library and then the gym, then went home and cooked. I have eaten a crazy amount of nuts and prunes today. It’s fucking stupid how much I crave sweet. I sure do hope this wears away soon…  

Bring on day 5! 1/6 of the way woooooooooo 


I deserve rewards for my willpower so after 10 days = haircut, 20 days = stylist and colours, 30 days = tattoo

Untitled on We Heart It.

Midnight September 13

That’s the time my diet officially ends. Right now I would like nothing more than to stuff my face with something sweet. It’s mental. So naturally I’m drinking tea. 

This weekend has been tough… but nowhere near as tough as other diets… The thing is with this one I can actually eat as much as I want! It just can’t be anything with sugar, grains or dairy… Went out Friday and Saturday nights and hung out with drunk people getting fast food and I wasn’t even tempted! So big pat on the back to me :D 

Hmmm now to get through the week at work with constant temptations of cookies, cake and lollies! Eeeek!

Day 1

Not bad. Managed to motivate myself to actually go to the gym because it would be a good distraction from cookies. Was fairly cranky at the end of the day, but could be from traffic issues or the fact I hate Fridays. Going to an alcohol fuelled hotel party now! Wish me luck!

Oh and my official weigh in for day 1 was 62.7 kg. no more scales until September 14.


Tomorrow I’m starting Whole30. Naturally I am scoffing down a pack of chocolate chip biscuits as I will not be able to eat them for the next month. I’m rather excited about this diet. I am curious to see whether my tummy is affected by dairy, whether my skin changes or if I notice any changes in mood or energy. So here goes. Bring. It. On.